About me

Hi, my name is Terisa. I am a Christian woman who is a wife, mother, and grandmother. I am a fixer, sometimes even when things aren’t broken! I have a tendency to want to make things (and people) better and/or easier to deal with. God is working on fixing that aspect of my personality though.

Not to say that I won’t still try to find ways to make life easier, I’ll just leave the people-fixing to God. I truly believe God has all the answers we need, maybe not all we want sometimes, but all we need.

I haven’t worked outside my home for a couple of years now, but in the past I sewed for many people while my children were small, taught grades 1-4 while they were growing toward adulthood, and worked as a admin assistant while traveling with my husband on work assignments after the children left home. Today I am very busy slowly remodeling an older house and clearing an over-grown yard.

I enjoy people, nature, reading, sewing, gardening, baking, and DIY repurposing projects, just not all the cleaning up that goes with those things.

My vision for this blog is for it to be a place where you feel comfortable coming for a visit. I want it to be welcoming and informative, a place to encourage you to look at God’s word in a new way. I pray reading my posts will encourage you to delve into His word and find what He wants you to learn from the things He gives me to share with you. Then to go share those things with other people.

I want it to challenge you as a believer to move out of your comfort zone and get more involved in the lives of other people. We, Christians, are to be loving God and those around us.

God knows you and loves you. His desire is for you to passionately seek to know Him. He wants you to have that abundant life that Jesus came to give you. But the only way to have that abundance is by following God’s will for you. God has a purpose for you. He designed you to have fellowship with Him. Adam and Eve messed that up for everyone!


God sent Jesus to earth to make a way for that fellowship to be restored. When you believe Jesus is God’s Son and accept His sacrifice for your sin by asking Him to live in your heart, you can go to God with all of your cares, your hurts, and your questions. Once you become His child you will never be alone again. He will always be there for you.

Feel free to march forth today with me as I continue to seek that abundant life Jesus offers.