Monthly Archives: April 2016

Make New Friends

Do you actively seek to make new friends? Are you open to the adventure of investing your time into developing close ties with another person? Or do you feel like you don’t really need another friend? Well you know what? Sometimes it’s not about you. Sometimes it’s not about whether you want another friend or not….. […]

Being a Mother Is Hard Work

  Have you ever watched “Mom’s Night Out”? The movie is crazy funny. There are so many real life things happening in the movie, things we as mothers have had happen to us, but not all in one day! Thank God. As this mom’s attempt to have a girls’ night out unravels and becomes one […]

Kind Words

In the last twelve hours I have run across this quote from Mother Teresa two times: “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” So, I decided to Google “kindness” to see what showed up. I found several definitions and many projects relating to kindness. The best definition of kindness that I have ever read […]

Weeds in My Garden

When I look at my garden the first thing I see is the flowers. If there aren’t any flowers blooming I start to notice the weeds. I am the type of person who cannot walk around my yard without pulling at least a few weeds. I walk the dog, I pull a few weeds along […]