3 Pointers for Daily Time with God

I am by nature a night-owl. I am by nature an introvert. I enjoy doing my housework alone during the quiet hours after other members of the household are in bed.  I enjoy sitting outside with just God for company as I watch the stars and enjoy the night sounds of nature.

However, a husband and children necessitated that I become more attuned to daytime hours, which took a concentrated effort on my part to accomplish. And I think I have successfully become an early bird. I usually am awake by 5 am without an alarm clock and most days I have completed more work by 10 o’clock in the morning then many people get done all day.

But come August my night-owl nature resurfaces each year. As the Perseid meteor shower enters its peak time (http://www.space.com/23066-perseids.html), my eyes once again turn skyward during the late night hours. There are many web sites offering pointers on how best to observe the glorious wonders of the ‘shooting stars’ created as the earth travels through the path of a comet.

The top three pointers on many of those sites are: 1) to get away from the distractions of city lights, 2) to allow yours eyes 30 minutes to adjust to the night vision and 3) to not focus on one area of the sky, but to let your eyes roam the entire sky because meteors can come from any direction.

So in the early morning hours as I sit in my backyard away from the distraction of city lights and allow my eyes to adjust to the night sky while trying to not focus on any one constellation I found myself thinking about how these pointers apply to my daily time with God.

For me the best way to start my day is with an early daily quiet time before the distractions of life begin to overtake my mind and my time. This is a time when I allow my ‘heart eyes’ time to adjust to God’s vision. And while ‘shooting stars’ require a no-focus attitude in order to best be seen, my heart eyes must focus only on God and what He wants me to see as I spend time with Him and His word.

When I take the time to follow these three pointers:

  1. Find a quiet place away from distractions
  2. Allow your heart eyes to adjust to God’s way of seeing
  3. Focus only on God and His words

I find my focus stays on God more throughout my day and life distractions are less stressful.

Why not try becoming a night-owl for a few days this week and observe the wonders of shooting stars while praising God’s beautiful creation.

Then begin your new day by giving these three pointers a try before marching forth to…

Be a blessing,


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