A Fresh Start

Well it has been quite a while since I have written a post. Way back in October one Wednesday my laptop was working just fine and the next day it told me that it could not find my hard drive. After trying everything in my ‘fix-it’ knowledge bank, I began looking for a repair shop.

A couple of days after leaving the laptop at a local shop I received the bad news that it needed a new motherboard. Two weeks later I received the worse news that they could not locate a motherboard for my laptop. So I went and picked it up. By this time it was late November, so I told my husband we should just wait until after Christmas to look for a new laptop. I received my new laptop the first week of January and by then could not remember any of my log-in information for this site!

Sometime back in November while cleaning and getting ready for holiday visitors I moved my blog notebook to a new location and had to find it to retrieve my log-in info. Then the web-site decided my password was not good anymore and I had to get a new one.

Done that! And now I am back. So new laptop and time for a fresh start with my blog and a new year.

I find that I am a bit scared to begin writing again. It took a lot of courage to begin this blog last year and now I find myself fighting that old fear again.

Fear that I don’t have anything to say that others will be interested in reading, but I am going to fight that fear because I know it is the enemy bringing up those thoughts. I know God gives me the things He wants me to write about and I am going to do just that – write.

Please join me as I begin this new year and let’s march forth to …

be a blessing,


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