The house we moved into a couple of years ago has a large yard partially enclosed with a very worn wooden fence. Fences serve two purposes generally speaking – they keep things in a chosen area and they keep other things out of that same area. Fences create clear boundaries.

Well, this fence does neither very effectively, so we have been repairing the fence. It is a slow process because it is hard work. Most of the pickets and support boards are in the 30 year old range and have to be removed before the new wood can be attached to the fence posts. (A few of the posts need replacing which really involves hard work.)

But you can’t just remove the wood, you have to remove the nails and/or screws that hold it all together also. It is a time consuming, thoughtless job that allows you to ponder other things while you work.

I began to ponder boundaries and how they are needed in so many areas of our lives to keep us healthy and safe.

My parents used to set a roughly two block radius for us kids when I was growing up because that’s how far their voices could be heard when they wanted us to come home. This gave us the freedom to enjoy playing with friends while knowing if they called we would hear and not get in trouble for staying gone too long.

As my children were growing I tried to consistently set boundaries concerning what they watched on TV and the video games they could play in order to keep bad thoughts from invading their minds and dreams. I set boundaries on their extra activities which gave them the time and freedom to enjoy being kids.

As I get older I have to set boundaries on the types and amounts of food I eat if I want to keep my weigh within a certain boundary!

I have learned to set firm boundaries regarding the places I will go and the things I will watch or listen to. These boundaries are to safeguard my mind and my heart because there is so much junk out there I don’t want occupying my thoughts.

God’s word contains many examples of boundary setting, such as, God tells us as children of light to have no fellowship with darkness. He also tells us that heaven has a boundary and the only way to cross that one is through Jesus.

There are many examples of Jesus setting boundaries while on earth. To learn more about those read “Jesus Set Boundaries”.

As we read and study God’s word we can begin to see how boundaries are essential to guard our souls and minds and hearts while still allowing us the freedom to interact and share God with those around us in a safe and healthy way.

Setting firm boundaries can help relieve some of the stress and fatigue of everyday life.

Take a bit of time today to ponder your boundaries and see if any fence repairs are in order to better safeguard your heart and mind and soul.

Then march forth and…

Be a blessing,





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