Exhort One Another Daily

There are times in our lives when we face disappointments. Some are small and some are great. It is during these times that we most appreciate those people who stand with us in person and in prayer.

I recently had one of those great disappointments. Knowing there were many people standing with me in prayer was a comfort and a source of encouragement for me. God is my true strength, but knowing people were praying gave me strength also.

Hebrews 3:13 tells us “to exhort one another daily”. So today I want to exhort you to exhort someone else in your world. Exhort simply means encourage, build confidence, offer wise counsel and or give support. This is something we all need.

At some time in our lives we all feel we have nothing to offer others. But we do, we all do. We have all been through tough times, times when we were so discouraged that we began to think we just couldn’t keep going. But we did, usually because someone offered us encouragement to hang in there.

Someone prayed for us, someone told us we could do it, someone was just there for us when we needed comfort. We can offer that kind of support to another person today.

During my recent disappointment, I received e-mails, texts, and a note of encouragement. It lifted my spirit tremendously. So I urge you to take some time today to walk alongside someone who needs some encouragement.

Take a few minutes to call, text, e-mail or send a card to someone in need of loving support. If possible visit a friend in need of companionship during a difficult phase of life.

Then do it again tomorrow and the day after. Make it a habit to encourage ‘your people’ daily.

You just may find encouraging others to be a great encouragement to yourself, also.

March forth today in exhortation and…

Be a blessing,


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  • Marce Welch says:

    Terisa, this is all so true! You and Bert are
    still in my prayers. You ae an encouragement
    to all who read this blog. Thank you for sharing
    your insightful thoughts.

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