He Calls ‘Come’

Today I am weary. I want to be a strong warrior, but I am tired. I have been tired for several days now, but I have many things that have to be done, so I keep prodding along, looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.

While I am half-heartedly tending to the needs of the animals, God calls to me to come. Come to Him for rest and renewed strength. So I return to the house and wash up. I reheat a cup of coffee and sit down with my Bible.

Then I just sit here, thinking about how much needs to be done before I have friends coming over for Bible study tonight. God whispers ‘come and just be still’. But He knows this is hard for me. I am a fidgeter. I do not sit still. He made me, He knows this.

Again He whispers ‘be still’. So I make a concentrated effort to sit still. “Come to Me, I will give you rest” “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might” – verses that replay over and over in my mind. As I sit my mind becomes quieter and begins to slow down. I stop thinking about all that needs done and just listen.

The small quiet voice fills my thoughts. But really there are no thoughts, just His presence. As I begin to relax, I slip from my chair and go to my knees, head bowed, I just sit, thanking God for His persistence in calling me to rest in Him.

As my coffee grows cold I can feel my heart become lighter and my shoulders become straighter as a load is lifted from them. The weariness fades as I let my Father take the load that weighs heavy on me.

I no longer look for the light at the end of the tunnel, for the Light is with me and as I walk in the Light I no longer see the tunnel. I am ready to face the daily tasks that await me.

Take time today to be still and know God, then march forth with renewed strength that can only come from Him. He will give you rest when you answer His call to come.

Be a blessing,



  • Marce Welch says:

    How beautiful. What an inspiration.
    You and Bert are in my prayers.

  • Shirley Farris says:

    Thanks for this encouragement, I needed that and it is wonderful to feel His presence as He works in our lives. Love and prayers, S

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