Lessons From a Mouse

I hate mice in my house. Now being a country girl means from time to time there will be a mouse or two showing up in my house. I freak out when this happens! I am not afraid of the mouse….it’s the thought of all those germs being carried throughout my house that gets me riled up. It’s the thought of not knowing where those little mousy feet have walked that freaks me out. So when I see evidence that a mouse is in the house I declare war. I do not take prisoners either! I am out to abolish all mice within the confines of my domain.

That being said, last week I spotted signs that a mouse was in my house. I discovered it had actually been partying on my kitchen counter which really freaked me out. As I was freaking out, God whispered to me and said, “Do you freak out this way about sin in your life?”

‘What?”, I asked.

He replied, “Do you act like this when there is sin in your life?”

That got me to thinking. That mouse and sin have some things in common. God brought these three similarities to my mind.

  1. That little mouse quietly enters my house through a small hole. Sin can also quietly enter my life in a small way, such as telling a ‘little white lie’, sharing a reason we should be praying for so and so (gossip), or watching an unsavory TV show.
  2. Once that mouse finds food, he will bring his friends in. Once sin has a doorway into my life it tends increase.
  3. That mouse creates messes that have to be cleaned up. Sin does that, too. Sin messes up my relationships with God and others and that can take a lot of work to ‘clean up’.

Here are three steps I take once I realize a mouse or sin has entered my life.

  1. I ferret out the mouse’s entrance. First I look indoors behind kitchen appliances for openings, such as the gas line coming from outside and I plug all openings with steel wool. (Mice do not like it.) Then I check the outside of the house and plug any openings as needed. Once I realize I have unconfessed sin in my life I confess it and ask forgiveness. Next I take an inventory of any activities that might lead to laxness in my spiritual life, such as what I have been watching on TV or not spending time in God’s word and prayer.
  2. Next I make sure all food items are secured so the mouse cannot get to them. Then I set traps with peanut butter or crackers to lure the mouse to them, so I can remove them (far, far away) from the premises.  I ask God to help me eliminate the problem(s) and I actively work on doing so. I have to make a conscious choice to remove things that come between God and me and do things that draw me closer to Him.
  3. Once the mouse has been removed I start on one end of the kitchen and clean everything! The same thing must be done with sin. I allow God to clean out all the nooks and crannies in my life and then I begin to work on restoring damaged relationships.

As you read about the similarities I discovered between mice in the house and sin in my life I pray you are prodded to inventory your spiritual life. If you discover it needs a bit of cleanup go to the Father and ask for His help. He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sin when we confess it and ask for His forgiveness.

Then march forth today in a renewed fellowship with our heavenly Father.

Be a blessing today,


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