Make New Friends

Do you actively seek to make new friends? Are you open to the adventure of investing your time into developing close ties with another person? Or do you feel like you don’t really need another friend?

Well you know what? Sometimes it’s not about you.

Sometimes it’s not about whether you want another friend or not…..

Sometimes it’s not about whether you have time or not…..

Sometimes it’s about the other person.

Sometimes it’s about God placing that other person in your path because that person desperately needs a friend. We can never know just how lonely a person is by looking at him. We have to look at her.

Look into the eyes, the windows to the soul.

So many people hide their need for other people. So many people feel unloved and unacceptable. Look into their eyes.

Do you see fear, shame, or loneliness? When you do give them a smile and say hello. Give them a handshake or maybe even a hug. Take some time to talk with them.

Take a little time to find out what they are facing in their life. You may be just the person who can encourage someone along a difficult way. Open up and let God’s love flow from you to them.

But then again you may be surprised. You find out God sent that person because you really did need another friend.

Sometimes that new friend turns out to be who you need to walk with you through your next trial in life. Sometimes it turns out that new friend just happens to have already experienced what you are about to face.

Like the old song says,

“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other gold.”

Take some time today to enrich your life and the life of another by making a new friend.

March forth today and…

Be a blessing,



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