Something Beautiful

I enjoy sewing. It gives me great pleasure to take a piece of fabric, cut it up and create something different with it. Sometimes my creations come out pretty and sometimes they don’t; sometimes they are very useful and sometimes not so much. Occasionally I even create what I consider to be a masterpiece. Well, almost a masterpiece, at the very least.

Creating these ‘masterpieces’ always leaves me with a bit of a mess in my sewing room. My scrap baskets (aka boxes) tend to get very full because I can’t stand tossing the smallest scrap. I actually take other peoples scraps when they want to toss them out! Because I truly believe they can be useful and serve a purpose somewhere down the line.

I believe this trait of using scraps comes from God.

He takes the fabric of our lives, what we consider to be scraps with all the rips and tears of bad decisions we’ve made, and designs a masterpiece to be used in His plan for this world. He knew before we were born all the mistakes we would make and He planned how He could use those to touch other lives.

When we turn our hearts and lives over to God, He doesn’t set about to mend those flaws in the fabric. He use them to create a new creation. In Second Corinthians 5:17 we read, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.”

God creates something new and beautiful that can be used to change other peoples’ lives. Pieces of our pasts benefit those people God brings into our lives.

He will use our mistakes to help others learn how to get past their mistakes.

He will use our regrets to lead others to change so they don’t have the same regrets.

He will use everything we give Him to encourage others to give Him their everything.

And when they do He will make something beautiful out of what they thought could never be used.

I want to challenge you to give Him all the pieces of your life and watch Him create a masterpiece! 

Then march forth today and let Him use you to …

Be a blessing,


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