Trusting God Daily

So this week I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged about this blog. Not about the writing side, I write what I feel God wants me to say, but about the reader side. I struggle with whether to spread the word about my blog or not.

Every week I find myself asking God if I should or should not ‘advertise’ on Facebook and Pinterest by posting about the blog because quite honestly I don’t feel like two followers and 6-7 weekly readers is the sharing of God’s message I thought He had in mind when I started writing. So I keep asking. Today He answered.

The daily devotional that I read this morning is entitled “Is Jesus Testing You?” and uses John 6:5-6 as the text which says:

When Jesus then lifted up His eyes, and saw a great company come unto Him, he said to Philip, Where shall we buy bread, that these may eat? And this He said to prove him: for He Himself knew what He would do.

The background of this text is explained to help identify the whole problem. The setting is up on a mountain with no marketplace anywhere near. Even if there was a marketplace it would not contain the amount of food needed for the more than 5000 people coming to be ministered to by Jesus. So, Jesus asked ‘what do we do?’.

Verse 6 says Jesus was asking this question to prove him (Philip). The word “prove” is the Greek word peiradzo which means to test in order to expose the truth about the quality of a substance. Jesus was testing the quality of Philip’s faith in Him.

The author of the devotional said: “It is amazing to me that after seeing Jesus perform possibly thousands of miracles, the disciples didn’t say, ‘Lord, we know You can provide for all these people’, but instead they went on a food search trying to solve the problem themselves.”

They did not have the faith needed to immediately know that Jesus had this covered. There was still room for improvement in their faith, just as there is with my faith. I have a lot of faith in God (and I mean a lot), but this week has shown me it still needs to grow.

New challenges offer chances for faith to grow. This blog is just that – a chance for my faith to grow and it is growing. God used this morning’s devotional to tell me to trust Him to get the word out to the people who can benefit from reading His messages I write. He doesn’t need me going to the marketplace to find provisions for Him. God’s got this!

So I am going to continue to trust His timing as I march forth today hoping to …

Be a blessing,



  • says:

    Thank you both for your comments. I appreciate the encouragement. Yes, we do need to stay out of God’s way and patiently wait for His timing.

  • Susie says:

    This is so funny. I’ve been reading all your blogs and love them. I was wondering yesterday and was going to ask dar if she thought you’d care if I posted your site on my Facebook page!! I have friends that I think would love your words as much as I do!!! Keep writing!!

  • Dardar says:

    Thanks for always speaking from your heart.We can all use more faith. I guess the human side of us gets to do God’s work at time,when we know that we should just turn it over to him….He has got this and eveything else we need…..if we will just follow him and quit trying to lead.

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