Weeds in My Garden

When I look at my garden the first thing I see is the flowers. If there aren’t any flowers blooming I start to notice the weeds. I am the type of person who cannot walk around my yard without pulling at least a few weeds.

I walk the dog, I pull a few weeds along the way. I go to the mailbox, I come back with mail and a hand very full of weeds. Even when I walk my husband to his car as he leaves for work, I grab a few weeds out of the flower bed.

I actually have a hard time making myself stop weeding once I start, because the thing about weeds is…..they keep sprouting up and growing!

When I am in my yard it is easy to see the big weeds and that makes it easier to grab them and pull them out, so that’s what I do first. But sometimes those big weeds have deeper roots and it takes a bit more work to get all of the root out. And if I am not diligent to get all the root the weed will come back up.

Once I have the big weeds out of the way, medium sized weeds are more visible, so I go to work on them. As I continue to pull those medium weeds, I start to see the little weeds that are left. Some of them are tiny, hardly noticeable at all.

Sometimes when I have gotten tired or short on time, I have decided to ignore those tiny ones and move on to other things. But before long I can see those tiny weeds getting bigger and bigger. That’s when I regret my decision to ignore them when they were a small problem!

This morning as I was pulling weeds it occurred to me weeds are like sin – sin keeps sprouting up and trying to grow in my life. And it takes work to keep weeding it out.

Sure I have worked hard to keep the big weeds controlled. I’ve even been doing a good job with the medium sized ones. But sometimes I do ignore the tiny ones and before long those tiny weeds aren’t so small. And as they grow it becomes difficult to see the flowers in my garden.

So, how are you doing with keeping your garden weeded this week? Pay attention to those tiny weeds. They will grow.

Join me as I march forth to do some weeding.

Be a blessing today,



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