Which Way to Go?

Last Thursday my husband was assigned to a new work location. The location is hours away from his present one, so his camper needed to be moved to a new campground over the weekend.

As we were heading into unfamiliar territory I googled a map to determine the best way to go. “Maps” showed several possibilities and the estimated times for each, with one possibility taking us through Dallas. Travelling through Dallas with all it’s road construction is not a choice I make any day of the week, much less on a weekend while dragging a 30 foot camper.

So I picked a backroads way with a whole lot fewer obstacles/detours along the way. At times the road was narrow, with bumps and some tight curves, and we sometimes had to take it a bit slower than the speed limit.

But I believe it was much less stressful than the trip would have been had we chosen to go through Dallas with all the construction traffic.

I got to thinking so often we travel through life the same way. We can pick a way that to us looks like the best path to take, but that path will more than likely be cluttered with obstacles and detours we wished we could have missed.

If we are wise, we will go to God and ask Him to show us His direction for our day to day lives. He has already told us the way is narrow (Matthew 7:14) and that there will be bumps along the way (John 16:33) but He also promises to be with us always as traverse the path (Matthew 28:20). He knows all the obstacles we will face if we chose to go our own ways and He wants us to ask for His help to avoid those things.

What will you choose to do today? Take your own path and struggle along or let God be your navigator as you travel this life?

I’m doing my best to follow God’s directions as I march forth today and try to…

Be a Blessing,



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  • Marce Welch says:

    Another good thought provoking message, Terisa.
    I needed to think about this! Thank you.
    Passed your house on Sunday and think I
    spotted your hen houses. Will you remember
    to bring me a couple dozen eggs on Wednesday?
    Take care. Marce

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